Prototype Dreadnought by kERHUS

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Author: Chef "kERHUS" Rush

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!!! for v2.6.x !!! RU !!!

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!!! For v2.6.x !!! ENG !!!
  • 9 Technologies (3 in engineering, 6 in physics). After studying the technology, it will appear in the pool of neighbors.
  • Dreadnought Prototype. Ship based on Leviathan. The technology becomes available after any outcome of the event leviathan.3102-3103 or can drop in tech-list (requirements ~like titan).
  • Weapons: 8L, 6M, 3H, 3S, 6P. (no X, titanium rays, rockets).
  • Equipment: 18 L slots for armor / shields, 6 A slots for components.
  • Specifications:
    -12.000 health (total 18k, two technologies of 3k);
    -8.000 armor and shields.
    -Minimum slope.
    -Five upgrades of the "Role of the Prototype", each is unlocked after the corresponding technology;
    -The initial maximum: 1; Another +1 every 250 fleet capacity; Maximum 5!
    -Size multiplier = 20

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack

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