Spectral Assault

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Author: Darh

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Spectral Army

The day of the final judgment has come for all species… they will pay for all their sins and there will be no place to hide, the days of mercy are left behind and there will be no forgiveness for anyone, except an order of his imperial mercy.

The worlds that had the opportunity to repent, obstinate to surrender, have revealed their arrogance that has condemned them to cease to exist in the worst way ever seen, plunged into their own punishment… nobody knows where, since none has returned from hell.

Add a "Spectral Army" on the sentenced planets; the species suffer torn visions of their own conscience, which causes them to die of madness and panic, leaving a desolate and soul-free planet.

In our temples they are praying for condemned souls and the clamor of the people is heard: no more corrupt policies, no more injustices, no more abuses… "The new order has come to put peace in the galaxy".

You can start without orbital bombardment but it will take longer and you have to leave at least 1 enemy defense army on the sentenced planet to purge all souls.

– 8 spectral is sufficent
– Damage to army = minimum
– Moral damage = minimum
– Collateral damage = infernal
– Damage to pop = Doom
– Not for Machine Intelligence
– Not for peaceful worlds
– You need tech Epigenetic Triggers

– It should be compatible with most other Mods.
– Not Achievement Compatible.