Yanzihko’s Traits (2.5.*)

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Author: Yanzihko

Last revision: 18 Nov, 2019 at 18:46 UTC

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Psss… Have you always dreamed of OP traits with a pinch of balance? Multiple baffs? Incredible research bonuses? Wunderkind leaders whose age at recruitment is less than 18 years ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? All of this is for enormous amount of trait points of course.

I know that some people really love traits with customed icons and detailed description. This type of people can look at species list and portraits for hours, Imagining how trillions of souls with unique traits live their life. (Or suffer to death *COUGH COUGH) This mod is made for them 🙂
Sometimes you just want to make op species – the chosen ones. Or roleplay by choosing something that will make you different from others. Why not? This mod allow you to do this.

Anyway, i hope that you will like my mod.


30+ New Biollogical Traits

9 New machine traits

Most of powerful traits are aviable for biological ascension!

Amount of trait picks is increased to 20 for each archetype

Vanilla-like icons & description (I highly recommend you to install "creation interface" mod. Vanilla interface is not designed for huge amount of traits and big descriptions).


-English ✓
-Russian ✓ I’m native Russian speaker but Anya did everything for me 😀 https://steamcommunity.com/id/stonedpip


* No known bugs! 🙂


*This mod overwrites "00_species_archetypes" which changes an amount of max trait picks up to 20

If there are any conflicts with other mods, you can simply delete this file without any fear in "/mod folder/common/species_archetypes" But amount of trait picks will be changed.


No known Problems


At current moment I do not want my traits being used in other mods or anywhere else.

Required DLC:

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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
Stellaris: Utopia
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