Twilight Imperium (2.5.x)

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Author: spacht

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This mod consists of 17 prescripted empires based upon the Twilight Imperium game with some minor additions for flavor.

As information sources i used the 3rd and 4th editions of Twilight Imperium. When the lore was unclear i went for diversity, spreading ethics, civics and habitability types amongst the empires.

The mod is playable without DLC, but most of the prescripted empires require at least one DLC. A detailed requirements list is posted in Discussions.

This mod roughly doubles the number of primitives in the galaxy. This is intentional. You can dial this down again using the slider, if you like.

– 17 prescripted empires based on Twilight Imperium. Choose one for yourself and set the AI empires slider to 16 for a pure TI experience
– Telepathic Collective-civic added for the Naalu, giving them the shared burden living standard but still allowing xeno slaves and syncretic evolution
– Naalu start with the Latent Psionic trait
– Barbaric Despoilers renamed to Privateers, lifted some ethics restrictions and also allowing migration treaties
– randomized multiethnic start for Mentak Coalition
– Wormhole start for Ghosts of Creuss
– renamed Colossus to War Sun
– only female leaders for the Naalu
– surviving colonies from the Age of Dusk (currently created as more advanced primitives populated with TI species)
– Hope’s End planet with a unique modifier boosting armies recruited there to veteran level
– claim the Imperial Throne on Mecatol Rex and draw the ire of the other empires
– lots of other planets from TI lore added to the game
– namelists are only copies of vanilla namelists at the moment, with the flagship name added for the Titans and some army names added.
– custom starting systems for Arborec, Creuss, Hacan, Jol-Nar, Letnev, Mentak, Naalu, Saar, Sardakk, Xxcha and Yssaril

Future plans:
– fleshing out Mecatol Rex with a precursor-like event chain and/or more diplomatic options
– unique starting systems for each empire
– anomalies
– events or an event chain to discover your species’ history before the Dark Years
– unique namelists for each empire
– unique diplo-phrases for each empire
– Habitat start for Clan of Saar (with Habitats buildable from the start, but only on asteroid belts)

Compatibility warning:
This mod overwrites the following vanilla files and might not be compatible with other mods overwriting those same files:
all prescripted vanilla empires are overwritten
Barbaric Despoiler civic and Migration Treaty diplomatic action are overwritten

English language localization only

Twilight Imperium is owned and copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games.

There is another mod on the workshop with TI prescripted empires. Interestingly, we both came to nearly the same conclusions regarding most of the empires. You can find it here: Twiligh Imperium Races 2.0