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Author: nighthawk

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Did your first ruler vanish inexplicably after they lost their first election?
– No more!

Your initial ruler will now stay within the pool of eligible rulers.

Check the Election details or your factions screen to confirm the fix is working and your ruler has not vanished into thin air.

Should be save game compatible, for as long as the initial ruler is still in office.
Ironman compatibility status questionable due to changes for a vanilla event chain (please leave a comment if you notice otherwise).


This mod edits on_actions.txt. Currently the one event that is overwritten will be FIOS (first in – only loaded) due to ASCII order and the vanilla file will not be overwritten.
Thus this mod should be compatible with any other mods that doesn’t also edit


Additionally it adds a custom event that does the magic to keep your ruler alive.
This works by cloning the ruler before the original one is deleted through vanilla mechanics that are apparently set in stone.
But don’t worry, the ruler will have all of its original memories implanted and retained!


It was not possible for me to convert the ruler into a different class of leader (for example a governor might have been appropriate).
This is due to the fact that it is (as far as I know) impossible to assign a class to a leader directly.

Alternatively it would have been possible to assign the ruling leader to a science vessel, a fleet or an army (assigning a leader to a governor post is impossible).
However, there was no way to ensure the player would have either of these present when the event fired and this was thus not implemented.
Additionally, this would not have changed the class of the ruler to a scientist, admiral or general either.
Which meant that with one wrong click the ruler was again unassigned and wouldn’t be able to return to that post manually either.

For now the leader will have to stay hidden in the leader screen and can not be fired even when available (and obviously not while they’re leading your country).

It is possible, though improbably unlikely, that your initial ruler will not be chosen as a faction leader by the time your factions form.
If this happens you’re out of luck and won’t be able to "see" your ruler anymore, if they are not included on the ballot.
They will continue to exist, but unless a new faction forms and they’ll get selected as their faction leader it is also very unlikely you’ll be able to get them elected again.

The whole leader interface under the hood is still "slightly" lacking.

If you have any information that would help me out concerning these problems, please do leave a comment!

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Thanks for reading the description, downloading & trying out my mod!

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