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Authors: Anakione, cordialgerm
Last revision: 13 Apr at 03:32 UTC


Work In Progress. Also my first mod so don’t judge 😛 Really though any thoughts, idea, constructive criticisms are all welcome/encouraged.

I’ve been really into the idea that bombers and fighters should play a more active role in Stellaris, not just as a component on a ship but as build-able, editable, upgrade-able entities.

Originally I wanted to avoid changing as much as possible by making fighters and bombers take up 0.25 and 0.5 fleet capacity repectively, however it seems when the AI does the calculation for how many of each kind of ship it should build, it crashes if there are fractions in that calculation.

Therefore, fleet cap has been re-worked for this, vanilla ships will take up 4 times as much capacity, but you’ll also get around 4 times as much fleet cap so hopefully it will even out.

Done a little bit of balancing, but there is still a lot to do/tweaks to make. Fighters pretty much own bombers, but both can be shot down by destroyers or corvettes. Bombers, especially the torpedo ones will obliterate battleships though if they can get through your support ships and fighters.

New version of the mod available here: This one includes event driven deployment of waves of fighters and bombers during combat. Is experimental.

Known Issues:

The Avian models look weird right now, the turrets are way too big. Will figure that out later.