Stargate Weapons with Sounds & More Reloaded

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Author: Scradegn

Last revision: 12 Jul, 2019 at 17:52 UTC

File size: 27.92 MB

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A complete fix of stargate weapons with sounds & more

Just in case you didn’t know adds stargate weapons with custom sounds….

-Removed Tauri Cruise Missile from weapon selection and strike craft selection
-Rebalanced Strike Craft stats to align with vanilla Strike Craft and Weapon type it is using.
-Removed Useless Cost line in Code
-Added Costs to everything
-Redid and Added Shield Stats
-Redid and Added Armor Stats
-Added stats to Power Modules
-Kept Power Modules using Shield Slots using tactical ship sections with this mod is fun

Most of the stuff I changed I tried to keep close to the original while keeping balance in mind along with lore.
Again as with the previous fix, I did you are welcome to replace or fix anything you find broken or dislike in this mod.

This Version of my fix I will keep updated however I’m not the creator of this mod so if paradox tinkers with anything involving the tech tree, sounds, and GFX files I might I have a problem. Don’t do it PARADOX…..

If you find any bugs let me know in comments or in the bug discussion page and if you have any suggestions post them in the suggestion page.

(|-|) LeethalGambit Original Author (|-|)

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