ASB Addon: Shorter Battles

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Author: Chickenhunt

Last revision: 17 Oct at 14:53 UTC (3)

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Compatible with Stellaris V2.4+ AND V2.3.3

This addon reverts space battles to be very short, like in vanilla.

Personally I dont recommend this addon but this is especially intended for the people who dont like the longer battles part of ASB.

  • Compatible with mods adding custom ships.
  • Compatible with mods adding custom weapons and other items.

Ps: Still savegame compatible. Wait one in-game month for the mod to work.

Support the mod:

Hello, if you like the mods that I make and you wish to thank me for my work, you can do so by donating a few dollars.

I am a engineering student who does this in my free time because I love playing Stellaris, modding and sci-fi. Any and all support is greatly appreciated, Thank you very much!


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