Colourable Swarm Ships

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Author: Trace Projectile

Last revision: 20 Oct, 2019 at 23:41 UTC (1)

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This is a retexture for the swarm ships that allows their shells to be recoloured to your primary emblem colour.
It does not add a standalone ship type, it only changes swarm shell colours to their current owner. Should also work for living ship mods.

This mod is mainly for people who use ‘Playable Swarm’ shipset mods.
New Ship Classes has their own mod here.
The mod will still have some features even if applied to the base game (see below.)

The main use of this mod is so that, say you use swarm ships on two empires and they have a war, their fleets will be visually distinct.
For example, two swarm empires clashing might look like a fleet of green-shelled monsters fighting brown-shelled.


– Biological/Hijacked Prethoryn strike craft will have a splodge of paint on the tail to show your side even if you fit them on another ship style in theory.
– NSC compatible
– This is NOT a collection of shipsets that will clutter your ship menu, it just colours to your flag.
– Compatible with palette expansions (try a jet black shell!)
– Differentiate your hive custom empires!
– If you gain Prethoryn ships via mods or game events, they will be coloured to your empire.
NEW 2019 – Included a double resolution replacer for the fighter! Used as a corvette in some mods.

– Only the shells are coloured. I originally made the entire texture colour, but have since moved to a more serious method by using mainly the hard outer shell pieces.
– Glowing orifices aren’t coloured to your flag. This is intentional so the vanilla crisis swarm still look gross, but I can change that by demand if needed!
– The colours are dark. Think like the Reptilian war stripes rather than humanoid glowing parts. It’s harder to make out darker colours like red, but some will like the gritty, evil hues.
– Crisis-spawned Prethoryn will have deep red shells rather than grey. Maybe some people like that.
– This is not a shipset, it is a retexture for any swarm ships that don’t have custom textures.

These aren’t even cons. Just things to keep in mind.

// This mod is newly updated again because NSC have remade their swarm ships (outdated already) and the mod "Forgotten Queens" has made living ships popular. Technically this still works on any Prethoryn mod that doesn’t use renamed files! //

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