Colourable Tau’ri Ships [Mod Addon]

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Author: Trace Projectile

Last revision: 23 Feb, 2018 at 15:16 UTC

File size: 36.01 MB

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This is an addon/retexture of Frstwlf’s Tauri shipset mod.

It requires that mod, and will not work without it as I don’t want to plagiarise.

Why does this mod exist?
The Stargate ships are gorgeous, high-detail and industrial, so whether you watch Stargate or not many people use the ships.
However, they always display one appearance no matter how you set your empire up. With my growing ‘Colourable’ mod set, your ships take on warstripes, glowing windows and RTS-style painted armour.

Less lore friendly, more patriotic!

What is does / Does not:
[x] Specular map changes – Armour colour
[x] Specular map changes – Warpaint / Decals
[ / ] Diffuse map alterations
[x] Graphics upgrades / Unpixelising
[ ] Graphical culture lighting changes
[ ] Model swaps
[ ] Resolution upgrades

– Engines will be the colour of your ship trail rather than default.
– Windows will glow your flag colour.
– Space patriotism feels good.
– Two empires using the same shipset will look visually distinct.
– More of an RTS-style feel, where your ships will take on your empire’s colour.
– Be able to differentiate your ships from an ally’s.

First update. Corvettes have more painted areas, but less opaque than before. The blue-striped stations are now coloured to your empire. The stations have got some tiny details.

Coming next is a LOT more. [If I updated] I want the shipset to stay as that nice shiny appearance, but it couldn’t hurt to give for example battleships and NSC Flagships some warpaint. I want most of the ships to stay clean and shiny though.

I don’t feel like working on my Stargate ship retexture mods currently – I barely use the ships and I want to focus on new work… But there is no possible way update 2.2+ can break textures. So long as you have an updated shipset (and the uploader doesn’t even work on these himself any more), my changes WILL show up regardless of game version. Thanks.

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