Anomaly Tweaks v2 [2.3]

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Author: Sterling Archer

Last revision: 29 Jul, 2019 at 02:02 UTC

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Hello friends and assorted xeno scum.

This is a fork of Kolby Register’s wonderful anomaly tweak mod, which can be found here:

In this mod, I have increased the chance for an anomaly to spawn from the base 5% chance to 37.5%. This is a bit higher than her version, but I for one like lots of anomalies. Keep in mind that by the time you have explored everything in a large (1000+) galaxy, you will be finding a LOT of terraforming candidates, which is not a bad thing.

That being said, you will find that anomalies will spawn 5-7x more than usual. This accounts to 1-4 anomalies per system. Anomalies are also researched much faster – between 5 and 350 days, compared to between 20 and 5500 in vanilla. This mod is not only compatible with all other mods but works great with any which add more anomalies, for obvious reasons.

Here’s the code for anyone who cares.

NInterface = {} NGameplay = { SCIENCE_SHIP_ANOMALY_RESEARCH_DAYS = { # equal level is middle (count of items / 2) 15 #9 levels above anomaly 20 #8 levels above anomaly 25 #7 levels above anomaly 30 #6 levels above anomaly 35 #5 levels above anomaly 40 #4 levels above anomaly 45 #3 levels above anomaly 50 #2 levels above anomaly 55 #1 level above anomaly 60 #0 level equal to anomaly 90 #1 level below anomaly 120 #2 levels below anomaly 150 #3 levels below anomaly 180 #4 levels below anomaly 210 #5 levels below anomaly 240 #6 levels below anomaly 270 #7 levels below anomaly 300 #8 levels below anomaly 350 #9 levels below anomaly } ANOMALY_SPAWN_CHANCE = 0.375 ANOMALY_SPAWN_CHANCE_INCREMENT = 0.050 }

Also, here is a shameless plug to Buttjunkie’s amazing larger galaxy size mod. With this, you can play 1250/1500/1750/2000/5000/10000 stars. Very much worth it if you like long chaotic games.

Couple this with Unordinals Stronger Advanced AI Start mod and you will be having barrels of fun.