(2.3+) Rogue Servitor Improvements

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Author: Shahanshahanshahanshah

Last revision: 22 Jul, 2019 at 00:53 UTC

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Improves the Rogue Servitor Experience, adding Sanctuary Colonies, Servitor Morale, Popuation Controls, and Migration Treaties.

* Designate Gaia Worlds, Habitats, and Ringworld Segments as Sanctuaries. Bio-Trophies in these colonies will produce additional Unity and contribute towards Servitor Morale calculations.

* That’s right, Servitor Morale is back! If you manage to have between 10% and 40% of your population be Bio-Trophies residing in planets, habitats, or ringworlds designated as a Sanctuaries, Drones all across your empire will receive an appropiate productivity boost!

* In vanilla, each planet gets a "Cease Drone Assembly" planetary decision that stops all population growth, both from organics and machines. In this mod, I’ve added two additional planetary decisions, to specifically stop either organic or machine growth.

* Rogue Servitors can now enter Migration Treaties with organics!