RIG Species Diversity 2.3+

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Author: MorallyGray

Last revision: 25 Sep, 2019 at 07:23 UTC (1)

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Updated for 2.3+ Version 2.3 includes the AI Ship set.

Hello anyone lurking. I’ve finally put out my updated mod, now with integration for the AI Shipset.

To those who don’t know, ReImaginedGaming mods seek to improve the depth of stellaris by adding more meaningful choices. One of the choices i expected to be meaningful, but in vanilla is entirely cosmetic, is the graphical design of your ships.

In RIGSD the graphical design of your ships are a meaningful choice. A choice that is fundamentally different from other graphical designs. If you select mammalian, expect to have different ships from fungoid. This extends to all ship classes from corvette, destroyer, cruiser, battleship, titan, and ion cannons. I think i will eventually push these differences to defence platforms, but i’m undecided.

In addition to ships gaining new hulls, which the AI use, all ships are granted a unique ship size bonus. For instance, humanoid cruisers get a 100% bonus to jump drive range, but mamailian cruisers get a bonus to kinetic weapons. Again, this extends to all ship sizes, just as previously mentioned.

This is fundamentally enhanced further with RIG Weapon Diversity. A mod which totally reworks the weapon mechanics of stellaris. Adding new graphical effects and icons for modules. All modules have L M S icons, allowing a player to visually identify a module faster than before. Its a companion mod to RIGSD, meaning it requires it. So id recommend people play with both mods.

RIGWD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1850259145

I’m only one person working on RIG, so i don’t know all the ways around the labyrinth like coding language of stellaris. Any balance advice, or coding help is always welcome. Id love to be leading a team of modders someday.

Much love to everyone. I plan on building my first traits and technology mod by the end of the year as well. Currently dubbed RIGTT. I hope my plans for it will be just as grand as i want them to be.


Incompatible mod ‘types’.
Mods such as NSC, which modify the same flies as my own are incompatible with RIG. This goes for mods which attempt to fundamentally rewrite how vanilla ship classes or types work within the game. Mods such as these will always conflict with RIG, unless i write a specific patch mod for them. Patch mods such as these often tend to be more work than is desirable, and thus is something I’m unlikely to do.

Kinda Compatible mode ‘types’.
New graphic/skin mods will be compat so far as they should work as they normally would. My mod does not currently interact with them. Meaning that if you were to add the AI ship set to the game, then those new graphics will operate within the game, but will not be edited by my mod. I expect to tinker with AI ship set as the first skin compat patch. When it comes to skin mods, understand that the way the game codes meshes, you might either have a new coloured shipset without weapon locators, or just a new faction which will operate without any interaction. Hit and miss with skin mods.

Compatible mod ‘types’.
Anything that adds ship_size related content outside of the vanilia, such as Realistic Ships. Any mods that focus on new modules. Any mods that focus on new mega structures. Any mods that focus on space based entities. Any mods which tinker with fallen empires. Any mods which tinker with events. Any mods which tinker with AI behaviours. All of these should be 100% compat with RIG.

Please leave any feedback in the comments below.
Bug reports, balance suggestions, ect, more than welcome.

Much love, Gray.

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AI Ship Set 1.4.2Steam Workshop

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