RIG Weapon Diversity 2.3+

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Author: MorallyGray

Last revision: 23 Sep, 2019 at 09:48 UTC (4)

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Updated for 2.3+

Warning, this mod edits ship_designer.gui. Meaning that some UI mods will be impacted.

Hello, welcome to Re Imagined Gaming Weapon Diversity.

Features of this mod.

– A complete rework of almost every weapon in the game.

– In addition to RIGSD, factions are now granted access to one type of weapon at the start.
—– Arthropoid = Explosive
—– Avian = Lasers
—– Fungoid = Missiles
—– Humanoid = Plasma
—– Mammalian = Kinetic
—– Molluscoid = Exotic
—– Plantoid = Lasers
—– Reptilian = Plasma
—– Artifical = Lasers
—– Any other graphics get access to everything. But no bonus to any.

– Three tiers of defence platforms have been reintroduced, with additions.
—– Platforms are now granted Starbase specific weapon sets. (XL to M)
—– Platforms can now get XL sized cannons.
—– (NOTE) platforms are not currently factional. I do have plans to make them factional. But im not sure i need to.

– All weapons have Small Medium Large and X-large icons for them. Something I’m amazed no other mod has done.



Known bugs.
– New factions that spawn throughout the game, specifically primitive cultures, will not get access to the weapons or bonuses of RIGSD or RIGWD. I think ill need an event to fire when these awaken. Im unsure how to do this.

Required items:

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