Jatt’s Lagfix: Denser and Better Population

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Author: Jattenalle ∵

Last revision: 9 Jul, 2019 at 16:31 UTC

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A quick ‘n dirty attempt at reducing late-game lag.

Adds a special Dense population planetary feature for every 5 pop above a threshold based on planet class:

  • 40 Habitat
  • 80 Planet (Including modded and anything not listed)
  • 100 Ecumenopolis / Hive / Machine
  • 150 Ringworld

And then removes 5 random population from the planet.

Dense population has the following effects:

  • Increases jobs output by 20%
  • Increases jobs upkeep by 20%
  • Increases population housing usage by ~3.3% to 12.5%. See note below
  • Unlocks 1 building slot
  • Reduces population growth/assembly by 5%
  • Decreases immigration pop growth and pull by 5%
  • Increases unemployment upkeep by 20%
  • Increases population upkeep by 20%

If population drops below the above thresholds one Dense population feature is removed and 5 population of the empire main species are added to the planet.

This should result in slowly reducing pop growth, while keeping resource output roughly the same and encouraging more thoughtful expansion and planet specialization.

A note on housing usage
Housing usage increase now depend on the colony type. Colony types that have a lower threshold increase housing usage more than those with a higher threshold. As such:

  • Habitat +12.5% housing usage
  • Planet +6.25% housing usage
  • Ecumenopolis / Hive / Machine +5% housing usage
  • Ringworld +3.333333% housing usage

This should result in roughly the equivalent housing usage as if the 5 population still existed.

It is safe to add to existing saves, however if you remove the mod from a save you will not get your population back and the special planet features will stop working!
If you add it to an existing save there may be a huge lagspike at the end of the month if there are many planets with hundreds of pop on them. Just be patient and the game will continue once all the Dense population features have been added and populations removed.

No vanilla files were changed, so this should be compatible with everything.