Pirates and Smugglers

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Author: jtexasboyz

Last revision: 12 Jul, 2019 at 05:05 UTC

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Well this is my first shot at modding. I had a week free so I deconstucted about 15 mods to see how things work. I am following the Stellaris wiki which isn’t always clear. One mod I failed at was making a trait like Violent Bettles datavore. I will keep trying on it so at some point I can make a mid-game crisis. My Ultimate goal is to make events.

To use the civic you must have fanatic militarist. You will then be given a trait and everything else added. This may change though.

Add-on Features:

Salvage trait

Leader traits

Many flags

1 Unique Ascension Perk

2 civics

3 weapons tech

2 Edicts

After 31 days the tiles on the Eve Corp starting planets will change to habitat tiles.

Several custom empires with traits and systems added. To have them spawn ♥♥♥ the bird thing during creation. Role play with your favorite ship mod such as

Content from this mod used several outdated mods. I used Stargate traits when I was going through mods to see how things work so I would like to thank Seph. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=840127753
Some others I remember using content from were Deejay, Death of Rats and others. Added 2 edicts, one summons a small fleet if you have the Ascension Perk. Also added leader traits that may spawn if you have the Salvager trait. Tried to make an event that will spawn them on all leaders if you have the ascension perk but in testing worked only once so i’ll work on it.