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Real Space – Star Cluster v 1.3

This version is compatible with patch 2.5.1 Shelley.


The essence of this mod is simple – the galaxy is too huge to include only a few hundred stars. And in my deep conviction, Stellaris technically and gameplay reveals itself only on small maps (although now all map sizes are available). This mod removes the galaxy map completely. Now you play only in a small area of ​​space, which is a grain of sand on the shore of the galactic ocean from a myriad of stars.

If in more detail, then this mod includes several major changes.

Graphic changes:
– The galaxy map now no longer looks like a galaxy map. I had to make space black, but I realized that for the tactical information panel of the starry sky it would not look spectacular and convenient.
– The vast majority of stars will now have a black skybox of the starry sky (well, not quite black, the Milky Way is visible).

Gameplay changes:
All gameplay changes relate to map generation. The map is a torn star cluster with 5 star clusters, upon entering which you will receive a message about the nature of each area.
In a sense, this mod is an experiment. If the players like it, I will be ready to develop it. You can add more options with more and fewer stars and more cluster options that will be random.


It is not recommended to use this mod without Real Space. Small problems may arise associated with the generation of 5 additional clusters.

Absolutely, the mod is not compatible with mods that add or modify the galaxy map. The same applies to mods adding new skyboxes for system maps.

My work is completely dependent on your donations. I have a lot of plans, friends, but they will be realized only thanks to you. All mod updates will be released primarily on Patreon and only after published in Steam.


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