Elite: Dangerous Star Names

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Author: Reika

Last revision: 2 Aug, 2019 at 00:19 UTC

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Ever play on a large modded galaxy and had either repeat star names or systems with no names at all? Or have you played multiple independent games and are starting to recognize system names between them?

I have had both happen, and so I have decided to solve it like this.

This mod adds every named system from Elite: Dangerous. "Named" here means it has a proper "plain words" name, such as "Umaitis", "Frigaha", or "Niu Hsing", as opposed to catalogue names like HIP 65835, HD 4950, or sector names like "Eorgh Flyuae DC-Y B-25D".

I took care to avoid adding any names already in the Stellaris name list, but famous systems from Elite are in the list. So you can have colonies in Eravate, Sothis, Lave, Fehu, Robigo, Diaguandri, Colonia, Leesti, Quince, Kuwemaki, or Shinrarta Dezhra, if you so desire. 😛

This totals nearly 15000 unique names, and so you should never have duplicate names again.

Note: This mod should be completely version-agnostic. I use it in 2.1, and it works fine in 2.3. I see no reason 2.2, 2.4, or even 1.9 versions should have trouble with it.