The Kronos Campaign

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Authors: starchitec, Darren

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A Hand Crafted Galaxy, Objectives, Empires, Traits, and Civics

Welcome to the Kronos Galaxy, a lore-filled Stellaris asymmetric start built for a narrative multiplayer campaign written by Republic of Play. 14 unique empires with delicately balanced starting situations, each their own goals and objectives to follow to glory.

This mod contains all the custom features commissioned for the Kronos Campaign. It was originally streamed by Republic of Play and you can watch the twitch vod[] here. It is designed to work with the save file used in the original game, without the save the majority of features will not work.

>>Download the Start Date Save Here<<[]


Each empire has a series of objectives found in the situation log, and completing them will yield rewards ranging from resources to technology. Objectives help to guide players across the galaxy through narrative, creating conflict in some sectors and cooperation in others. Of course it is up to you to decide how many of them you can or will complete.

Asymmetric Starting Situation

A civil war rages between factions of the Patharian Council over what to do with an alien symbiote. Centuries of oppression have led the Durcean Uprising against the Thurinian Republic. Elsewhere, the Glow seek to the stars to find four bioluminescent worlds they believe to be blessed by the Gods. With no day and night cycle, the Hejun have evolved on a tidally-locked world without the need for sleep, yet the Kimon of the venerable Volkan Empire still hibernate for four months a year. Yet changes are coming to Kronos, as the secretive Archive Custodians have reactivated their defense protocols after detecting a temporal disturbance at the edge of the galaxy. The travelers, the Valari and the Tykarii have arrived from the future, each seeking desperately for some advantage in the great time war. So far they have shown little interest in other races of Kronos, but their true purpose here is still unknown.

The Narrative is now yours to finish

Traits and Civics
  • Traveler: +160 lifespan, +15% ethics attraction
  • Hibernator: Pops actually hibernate, reducing production by 25% for 4 months a year
  • Sleepless: +5% Worker Output, +2.5% Ruler and Specialist Output
  • Large: +10% Food upkeep +5% Housing Usage
  • Small: -10% Food upkeep -5% Housing Usage
  • Silicon Symbiote: +1 Food from Miners
  • True Purpose: +20% Science and Unity, +10% Output. Limited diplomacy, Total War unlocked
  • Aristocratic Senate: +10% Ruler Happiness, -10% Worker Happiness, +25% Election Cost
  • Active Rebellion: +10% Naval capacity, +5 Stability, Despoilation war goal unlocked

Stand Alone mod with Traits and Civics


The 14 empires of this campaign are now pickable from the empire list. A selection of familiar empires from previous Republic of Play narrative campaigns is also included.

Gameplay Changes

A few balance tweaks to help out in multiplayer have been included. Deficits are actually bad. If you are unable to pull out of a deficit you will enter rationing, a five year long punishing modifier that reduces happiness, build speed, shields and fire rate, while increasing the market fee. Habitability affects Happiness, every -4% habitability reduces happiness by -1%. This in combination with doubling the penalties of negative stability will make colonizing inhospitable worlds a challenge. In addition, robot assembly speed has been halved.


This save was built in Stellaris 2.2.7, and requires all the mods listed. The save cannot be updated, so this mod will not work in 2.3, however, the Stand Alone version will. As other mods are updated in the future, I will maintain patches so that the Kronos save is still stable. The game was originally hosted with all DLC, and some of the objectives such as building a megastructure or cracking a planet will not be possible to complete without the relevant DLC. I have only listed the ones required at the start, since there are leviathans, megacorps, and a plantoid and synthetic empire on the map. You should be able to load the game without these, but some features tied to them just wont work.

How to Install the Save

Place the save in your documents/paradox/stellaris/save_games folder. I suggest putting it inside a folder within save_games, so if you made a folder called Kronos then it will show up at the top of the list when you load a game. Otherwise it will appear in game at the bottom of the load list under the header Unsorted. To change empires in single player use console ‘tag #’ with a number from 0-13. In a multiplayer you will be able to pick an empire from the lobby.

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