Underground Realms

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Author: Zefnar

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Underground Realms

Hello folks ! I would like to present to you the mod I’m working on : Underground Realms.

Key features :

– Improve Criminal Syndicate gameplay
– Improve Gospel of the Masses gameplay
– Fix Subversive Cult gameplay
– Regular Megacorporations’ branch office buildings adjusted accordingly
– Shroud tweaking for better Spiritualist gameplay and "Gospel of the Masses" features

Join my discord server : https://discord.gg/EMTWEHP

– What does this mod do?

This mod buffs Criminal Heritage & Gospel of the Masses civics and tries to make it meaningful and actually playable.

– There are already mods for that, so what’s new?

All branch office buildings have been pumped up and now provide proper jobs for your hosts ! You’ll feel it as a "Give & Take" situation for you and your "partners" simply by providing some nice "borderline" jobs to their planet(s).

Crime is no longer a doom or a curse and precinct houses x8 is not an easy solution anymore ! There are some boons to keep a smuggler or two at home instead of sacrificing your whole economy to get rid of them ;). This mod tries to put you in the situation where you hesitate between fighting crime or embrace it.

In addition, you, as a Criminale Syndicate, will be able to "prevent" branch office closure ! It will cost you influence, but it can save you 10 years of waiting and re-opening cost. Being short : It allows you to counterbalance bad RNGs with resources. This "10 years duration" has been also put to 5, I’m currently testing it.

Also, you will have access to Criminal Raid. This "once per 10 years" Edict will allow a Criminal Syndicate to launch a massive criminal campaign accross the whole Galaxy.
All empires which have a branch office owned by the syndicate will suffer a temporary criminal increase unless they bribe the said Syndicate for Energy Credits.
If they choose to keep the crime increase, they will instead have some nice bonuses depending on their ethos ! See pics for more details.

Regular Megacorp will have a similar tool, the "Promotion al Campaign", but with less dramatic consequences. Il will bring them extra Trade Value for them and their hosts.

Regular megachurches also have their thing ! The Ceremony Broadcast edict will grant you trade value ald will give spiritualist ethic attraction on all your words and all your branch offices. Spiritualists clients would be happy, but take care not to angry those materialist clients of yours !

Subversive Cults are not let behind ! Ever wondered if you could send a spiritual plague through the galaxy? Search no more ! The Eldritch Ritual will increase crime on all planet where you have a Temple as Branch Office and reinforce spiritualistic attraction ! Your hosts will however gain some bonuses like trade value increase and bonuses depending their ethos, but we don’t want them to be (too much) mad :).

– Is that all?

Of course not !

All other "regular" corporate buildings have been balanced accordingly and also provide better jobs.

I also added the Temple of Malice in case you would like to play as a Subversive Cult (Take Gospel of the masses and Criminal Heritage), which is basically the same as Temple of Prosperity branch office building, but which generates crime. The jobs it provides are also a bit different. You’ll figure it out by yourself 🙂

In addition, Preachers and Cultists (Criminal Preachers) will now switch to spiritualist ethic as they start believing the Faith they spread.

Finally, I did provide an extra option upon branch office closure for Gospel of the masses which will allow you to retrieve a part of the wealth of the temple (in form of Energy Credits).

– What will you provide in the future?

I’m currently working on several features regarding the Shroud events and Gospel of the masses.

As you can see on the pics, I’ve already started :). More to come !

– Last words?

Thank you for testing ! Don’t hesitate to give feedback !

Please note that numbers displayed may not be final, I’m still trying to scale them up with the game so they’re not cheated or something

You can PM me on Discord (Zefnar#5609)

Join my discord server : https://discord.gg/EMTWEHP

Core files modified :
– commonbuildings14_branch_office_buildings.txt
– commonpop_jobs0_other_jobs.txt
– commontechnology0_megacorp_tech.txt
– eventscrime_events.txt

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: MegaCorp

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