Upgradable Strategic Resource Buildings

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Author: Jurjen

Last revision: 21 Oct, 2019 at 01:16 UTC (3)

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This mod adds several buildings and technologies designed to fit in with the style and balance of the base game. Therefore I don’t intend to add buildings which create Zro, Dark Matter or Living Metal which should remain extremely rare finds.

Ministry of Strategic Resources:

A building which adds an administrator job and increases the efficiency of refininery buildings by reducing the upkeep of refiner jobs by 10%. It requires a rare technology which becomes available after researching the 1st tier of all three types of refineries.

Refinery Upgrades:

I’ve added six technologies in total which unlock two upgrades for all three types of refineries. Their main benefit is adding more refininery jobs, making refinery worlds a viable planet specialization:

Tier 1: +1 job (base game), 3 energy upkeep
Tier 2: +3 jobs, 6 energy & 1 strat resource upkeep
Tier 3: +6 jobs, 9 energy & 2 strategic resources upkeep

T1: Chemical Plants -> T2: Particle Refineries -> T3: Quantum Genesis Complexes

T1: Syntheric Crystal Plants -> T2: Crystallization Centers -> T3: Nano-Crystallization Complexes

T1: Exotic Gas Refineries -> T2: Gas Sublimation Facilities -> T3: Syn-gas Refinery Complexes


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