Make the AI Terraform Again

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Author: Maniac

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Currently, in Stellaris 2.3.3, the weight of all terraforming projects, except those from tomb worlds or to gaia worlds, are set to zero. This means the AI will never do those.

Glavius’ AI includes some code for terraforming, but for some reason the event is not called on.
Starnet does not include any code for terraforming.
OMG I discovered a hole in the modding market!

This mod aims to fill it. It expands on the code that was present in Glavius and succeeds in getting the AI to terraform again. Countries with an organic main species will terraform planet to their climate preference, if they do not have any other species, able to colonize, that prefers living in that climate.

This minimod can be used on vanilla, or should be a perfect accessory to the AI mods mentioned above.