Beautified Gaia Worlds

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Author: BlizzardV15

Last revision: 2 Aug, 2019 at 09:24 UTC

File size: 2 MB

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Do the green oceans of Gaia Worlds make them look just a little… algal, to you? Do the purple blotches on the landscape seem more like toxic waste than lavender fields? Would you rather the jewel of the galaxy were a sapphire than an emerald?

This very simple recolour mod replaces the texture of Gaia Worlds, making them look more like vibrant Continental/Tropical Worlds and bringing them in line with the landscape in the planet interface. A purely cosmetic mod, it does not alter the properties of Gaia Worlds in any way.

This mod was not designed for compatibility with other retexturing mods or mods that add additional planet types, but it should probably work okay as long as they don’t modify the Gaia World texture.