Aquaoid Species

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Author: Maos

Last revision: 27 Jul, 2019 at 03:39 UTC

File size: 13.91 MB

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Hello all meet the Aquaoid, my first mod!

It includes a brand new animated species for you to add to your game, featuring things such as

-Fully Animated
-8 Phenotypes
-8 Colors
-Custom sounds for the voice
– A custom aquaoid name list

This has been a WIP for a few weeks now thanks for all the kind folks on Reddit for inspiring me too keep working at it since it look a looonng time to put together.

I would also like to thank the following mods, because i dissected and studied the snap outta them!

-Covenant Races
-Elves of Stellaris
-Twinks Sin’dorei
-I plan on adding more species to this mod, making it the Aquaoid Species Pack
-Customs cities will also be added soon
– Alternate version of this mod that adds clothing to Aquaoid_01 can be found here:
^^^^^^^^^^ Don’t run these mods at the same time.

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