Beyond Kilostructures

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Author: Fishbrains

Last revision: 27 Jul, 2019 at 18:59 UTC

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*Beta/WIP mod*

The main idea behind this mod was to some megastructures to the early game. This mod itself is what me and my friends play with and will eventually have its pieces broken off when I feel they are in a good state or people request it.

Any mod that overwrites the is_habitable_structure scripted trigger will break the asteroid special districts

If your asteroids don’t have the custom districts you need
Keep in mind this may break other mods so let me know if you find anything so I can keep updating it to cover more mods

******Hid all decisions under expansion GUI********
This is just a decision that either shows or hides all the others, I also kept them all together so its easier to find them. Also added some for convenience like hiding the uplink and sublink buildings. More to come!

Current features:

Prototype starbase: This is a megastructure that can be built in any system and costs ~30% more than upgrading the starbase would. It can only be build in a system you own that has a max level for you star base in it. When the megastructure is complete it upgrades the starbase to the next level as well as gives you the research option for the tech at 33%(If you build a second 66% and 100% for 3). When complete you also get a choice of 3 techs that give minor benefits like starbase upkeep or influence cost. These techs can be researched without building the starbase but you are limited to only 1.

There is a planned prototype ship size

Starbase link structures: These megastructures are built in a system and linked to a starbase via a building slot.
Massive Shipyards: +6 to ship bays
Component pre-assembly: 50% increased build speed
Drydock: 50% reduced ship upkeep

Special Colonies:

These special colonies change uninhabitable planets and asteroids into habitable planets.

Currently working:

Asteroid Colonies: These colonies start small but can be expanded with the other asteroids in a system. There are two decisions that increase their size.
Major expansion: select another asteroid in the system to increase the asteroids size. Rock asteroids add minning districts and ice asteroids add food districts. Each has a small chance of adding 1 of each. In addition to this it will increase the number of minor expansions possible
Minor expansion: increases the size by 1 and is limited by how the creation and expansion rollled(smaller size bonus means more minor expansions possible).
Base asteroid size is 5-9 tiles and each expansion is 5-9 tiles after all minor expansions are complete.

Asteroids have standard housing districts but the others are slightly different.
Solar farms: No specific cap on these, 3 technician jobs and 1 housing
Minning: Capped, 3 minners 1 housing
Farms: Capped, 3 farmers 1 housing

In addition to this all special colonies have something called uplink nodes and sublink nodes.
Uplink nodes allow 1 of 4 buildings to be built:
Habitability: Increases the colonies habitability by 50% and adds 16 amenities(4 jobs)
Production: increased the colonies productivity by 30%(4 jobs @ 7.5%)
Stability: Increased stability by 10 reduces crime by 10 and amenities usage by 15%(1 job)
Sublink: Instead of actually doing anything this building allows you to be able to build 3 more sublink buildings

Specialist: increases specialist output by 18%(3 jobs @ 6%)
Workers: increases worker output by 18%(3 jobs @ 6%)
Anenities: Decreases amenities usage by 12%(3 jobs @ 4%)
Crime: Decreases crime by 20(2 jobs @ 10)
Growth: Increases pop growth by 18%(3 jobs at 6%)
Assembly: Increases pop assembly by 0.7(No jobs)

Colony Expansion:

Habitat Ring:
Once the tech is unlocked you can build a space elevator on a planet, then you have to use a construction ship to construct a habitat ring on the planet. When complete it will add district space to the planet. It will also add a decision that will let you chose to add power of food districts to the habitat ring. After the first ring has been complete the space elevator may be upgraded and a second ring can be built.

Planetary Drill:
Once the tech is unlokced you can build a planetary drill on a planet(requires a building slot). It can be activated and deactivated via a decision. While active it will slowly make progress towards adding more district slots to the planet up to its size. There is a chance that the drill will be damage requiring it to be repaired before it can continue working. Each drill district adds a subterranean zone which can support certain structures.
Subterranean housing: 6 zones, adds + 20 housing
Subterranean Farms: 2 zones, adds 3 famer jobs(5 gestalt)
Mining Team: 3 zones, adds adds 2 miner jobs.

That more or less covers everything

Naturally everything is subject to change and probably will.