Synth Migration Fix

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Author: Estel

Last revision: 1 Feb, 2019 at 01:04 UTC

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For 2.2.4 beta

Enables ‘no migration control’ for synth with AI citizen right.

robots and droids cannot migrate freely. only for synth who has citizen right.

I didn’t test this mod with 2.2.3, but It would work.

NOTE : Drones of machine intelligence cannot have free will, therefore they cannot have ‘No Migration controls’ option.

This mod modifies common/species_rights/05_species_controls.txt

OBSOLETE from 2.2.5

I found synths did not migrate freely actually even if they had ‘no migration controls’.
I doubt It’s not available because free migration of synths was not coded at all.

if anyone could see synths migrated to non-assembly-plants planet, notice me.