The Sleeper – Fallen Hive Empire

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Author: Smithy

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The Sleeper – Fallen Hive Empire

This mod is still WORK IN PROGRESS! It is stable and most likely you will not have to fear any savegame corruption or gamebreaking bugs, but because of the scale of this mod there may still be some issues I missed (mostly balance and typos). So any feedback is appreciated. Just remember to be civil about it.

This mod adds a hivemind fallen empire to the game, refered to as the sleeper. This ancient hivemind used to be great threat to all live in the galaxy, but for unknown reasons it has collapsed long ago and has fallen into a deep slumber. Its once tireless drones are now only barely controlled by its will and its presence on the galactic stage has been diminished. How will this looming threat effect the younger nations?
It has its own unique mechanics and interactions with the galaxy. This mod adds new events, techs, traits, two new colossus weapons and many new scenarios to the game.

A quick overview of features:

– Like all fallen empires, the sleeper starts with a massive tech advantage, fleets and fully developed worlds.
– At the start of the game, the sleeper is… well, asleep. It can only barely hold onto its many drones. You can not engage with it diplomatically and it will attack anybody who dares to enter its borders. You are free to enter though.
– There is a science station above its capital – a research AI has taken up residence and it can tell you more about the sleeper. And it is always looking for some helping hands/talons/fins/tentacles/any other acceptable equivalent
– There are four systems around the sleeper that are held by "scrambled drones"; large groups of drones that have completely broken away from the ancient hivemind. They have formed their own small hiveminds and seek to join the sleeper again once it has awakened again. These can be attacked without any (immediate) repercussions.
– Certain actions or events in the galaxy will rouse the sleeper (such as taking out scrambled drones, attacking its fleets, crisises, etc.). If roused to much, it will be driven into a frenzy, violently invading everything around it with hordes of cheap, rushed fleets (similar to the great kahn), until it falls back to sleep out of exhaustion or is killed. The research AI will warn you, should the sleeper come close to becoming feral. This will be either a huge risk to your empire, or may represent an interesting opportunity to deal with rivals and snatch some systems…
– like any other fallen empire, the sleeper can awake again and try to restore its former glory. The awakened sleeper will try to exterminate all robot, synth and hivemind empires, while subjugating the rest for food. A vassal of the awakened sleeper will have to pay a monthly tax of food, as well as give up some pops for use as cattle.
– defeating the sleeper will get you unique rewards!

If you want to spoil yourself, there is some more detailed documentation of this mod included in the modfile.


The following vanilla files had to be overwritten to make this possible:

-overwrites the FE awakening event (fallen_empires_awakening.1)
-overwrites the can_orbital_bombard gamerule
-overwrites the can_add_claim gamerule

Any other mod that replaces them will break something. I will make compatability patches as I see fit and link them here.
FEE- fallen empires expanded
ZoFE- the zenith of fallen empires 2
ACOT- Ancient Cache of techonology

Planned features:

-many events do not have pictures right now. I am gonna add some….someday
-some events related to the hives fragile state

This mod has been an on- off project for the better part of half a year now and I am happy to finally be able to present you with my work. Have fun!

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.