Intervene: Help Friendly Nations

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Author: lpslucasps

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For Stellaris 2.4.1

Are you tired of seeing warmongering nations preying on the weak and you not being able to do anything? Or you really want to help your friendly neighbor win a war that you now would be finished in a second if you could help? Well, then this mod may be what you’re looking for!

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With this mod, once you adopt the Diplomacy tradition (or any alternative, swapped tradition that takes its place, like Versatility or modded alternatives) you gain access to a new Edict: Help Friendly Nation. If any nation with positive opinion is leading a war (be it as the main attacker or the main defender), you can expend a good amount of influence (base cost: 300) to join the conflict on their side. If more than one nation qualifies, you’ll be shown a list with all your options (up to 10).

If you are in a federation, only the federation leader can use the edict.

No need for defensive pacts or alliances. The ability to join other empires’ wars has been long requested and, frankly, I just got tired of waiting for the mythical "diplomatic update" from Paradox.

Hope you enjoy the mod!


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Is this savegame compatible?

The edict is not showing up for me!
The edict will only be available after you adopt the Diplomacy tradition tree, or any swapped tree that took its place (like Versatility, or modded alternatives).

Will the AI use the edict?
I coded the ai weights, if they have the right ethics and/or personalities, they probably will.

Daft Punk Sentience? Furry People’s Comune? What the hell???
The save I used to test this mod was a multiplayer match I did with my friends. They can get quite creative naming their empires.

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