Aux Module Expansion 2.2+

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Author: Arcalane

Last revision: 24 Jul, 2019 at 21:21 UTC

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Beta/WIP: 2.3+ Compatible / Do Not Use With 2.1

Looking for the 1.9 Legacy version? Look here;
Looking for the 2.1 Legacy version? Look here;

A simple mod that adds a bunch more choices for your auxiliary slots. There are tiered models of each module, each tied to assorted vanilla technologies, one unique module, and two new modules available via a new tech, for a total of almost 70 auxiliary items!

Icons from EvE Online, with minor image editing.

Please note that certain components may be bugged or broken, due to extremely inconsistent scope requirement for certain modifiers (some things want ship_modifier, others want modifier, and it isn’t clear what wants which until something silently breaks). If you find something that doesn’t work as advertised, leave a bug report comment!

No translation into other languages yet. Localization files are all in english. Various costs and power consumption values are early balance/WIP, so may not be 100% perfect.

Future plans are to streamline the number of module options available and adjust costs. ‘Advanced’ modules will cost rare resources to build and maintain in exchange for offering noticeably greater bonuses than ‘basic’ modules.

Overwriting: This mod overwrites one vanilla file; 00_sensors.txt. It does this so that Mk4 sensors will correctly upgrade into the new rare Panopticon Sensor module.

Compatibility: AME is balanced around an assumption of 1-4 auxiliary slots per ship, perhaps 5 at the most. I cannot be held responsible for your own poor decisions, like a ship composed of nothing but guns[].

* Issen’s Adv. Ship Behaviour Modules is arguably essential for getting the most out of your fleets and designs. Note that it is somewhat outdated though.

-CCP for the icons from EVE online, of course.
-Myself, for image editing, coding, and so on.