NSC-Downscaled Ships Compatibility Patch

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Author: Paragon

Last revision: 15 Jul, 2019 at 09:13 UTC

File size: 21.78 MB

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Because the NSC-Downscaled Ships patch hasn’t been updated since 2.0 and no one seems to have bloody noticed. I mean myself included but still. This mod is basically this one with a few minor tweaks and the Star Wars shipset not "required". If you like the dank memes complement me, but the mod is mostly Bane’s work and effort.

I don’t wanna take new screenshots or write a half-decent description, so enjoy some crappy stellaris memes and tribute to Slaanesh extremely heretical crimes against all sentient life.

Ensure such atrocities never occur again: Kurogane Alternate ships, now with 25% more xeno genocide!