Army & General Staff (2.3.3)

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Author: Kaiser

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Army & General Staff


– Ever since launch armies in Stellaris have been an afterthought by the devs. Army & General Staff brings some more flavor the land forces of your Stellaris empire by adding new content to make your armies more in depth than just units you throw at the AI planets until they fall. Land combat in Stellaris is also very dry and one sided. Personally i never liked that your defense armies are just a delay to inevitable conquest and land battles hardly affected worlds. Army & General Staff makes battles far more destructive and gives defense armies a fighting chance by adding new defensive buildings that vastly improve their fighting capabilities and adds new variants of the assault army to give you more creativity in the type of army you want. To help add to the role-playing potential the mod adds new policies to help you flesh out the nature of your army while changing how well your army fights depending on how you imagine your stellaris empire to be.

– Because the modding infrastructure for armies in stellaris is so bare-bones making cool new features is difficult but i am willing to work with modders and community members with an understanding of the files for stellaris to help really make the best of what we have in a way everyone can enjoy, thats why im making a forum where you can contact me or suggest features I may not have considered. So don’t be shy and help me help you!

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– New unique assault armies!
– Brand new policies!
– Brand new buildings!
– New techs!
– Events to enhance your military ability
– New edict
– Create grand battle plans
– New events for peacetime, occupation, wartime, post-Combat recovery and live combat
– Custom event pictures

– Wargames with neighboring empires to improve relations
– New Drone Assault army
– Robotic Assault armies
– Policy based weapon system preference
– More flavor events
– Alternative grand battle plans
-Because of the addition of new techs and buildings a new game may be required to access all the features
-Should be compatible with most mods
-No vanilla files where harmed in the making of this product

Picture Disclaimer:
I do not own nor claim any credit for any artwork or pictures in this mod. Rights to Stellaris event pictures go to paradox and other pictures are courtesy of the following anime:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Guilty Crown

Please support them for their work
Personal Note:

Whew, it’s finally done. Making this update has proven to be quite the task but it’s finally here and i’m happy with the result and think that you will be as well. To those that have waited for this mod to be updated I sincerely thank you for waiting through my absence because in the midst of development my life was flipped upside down and then right side up again. Everything is good now and i’m looking forward to releasing more content for the foreseeable future.And for those of you that are just discovering the mod I welcome you and hope you enjoy this passion project as much as i have. Thank you all once again and have fun commanders.

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Link to 2.1.3 Legacy version 1.0
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