More Combat Computers

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Author: JohnnyBravo40

Last revision: 10 Jun, 2019 at 03:57 UTC

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Not Intended for use with Weapon and Ships redux!!! (it is already in that mod 🙂

Changes Line Combat computer to have 60 attack range (changed from 50)
Changes Artillery Combat computer to have 90 attack range (changed from 80)
Adds Rear Line Combat Computer which has 80 attack range
Adds Rear Artillery Combat computer which has 110 attack range
Adds XL Artillery Combat computer which has 130 attack range

These numbers were configured based on weapon ranges (Med laser has 60 range, so line naturally should be 60.
Med Railgun has 75 range, and Large Laser has 80 so they both will work at 80 range with line (because ships do drift)
Large Railgun has 100range and Kinetic batteries have 120. combine this with even the first Artillery combat computer which has +10% range and bam, 110 attack range. 130 attack range is good for kinetic batteries and strike craft, which deploy at 130 range by default.

Combat computers bonuses are equalised to have equal amounts of tracking and evasion added depending on the type of computer. Ex (T2 swarm = +5% evasion, T2 Picket = +5% tracking) [the actual tracking is +2 for coding reasons but effectively it is the same based on in game numbers]