YoRHa Complete (Nier:Automata)

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Author: Silence

Last revision: 20 Jul, 2019 at 20:56 UTC (1)

File size: 736.1 MB

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Mod Details

This mod combines several of the YoRHa/Nier mods into one large mod for easier download and compatibility along with adding a few new items for fun as well. The mod requires that you have the DLC Synthetic Dawn and is currently compatible with 2.3.3 version of the game.

Here is what the mod adds to the game:

  • YoRHa prescripted species/empire (based off of a machine empire, starts in the Sol system)
  • Machine Network prescripted species/empire (Determined Exterminator, starts in a random system with the home system named Terminus)
  • Portraits and graphics for leaders for both empires added by the mod.
  • YoRHa flag for the map and the YoRHa species/empire.
  • Name lists for ships, leaders, planets, etc (YoRHa only at the moment).
  • Adds music tracks from the Nier series (mostly from Nier:Automata but a few tracks from Nier:Gestalt), all tagged in English, and shows up in the music play list.

None of the above mods should interfere with the base game or overwrite any other files for other mods (ie: it does not overwrite files or replaces them, it only adds to the game). This mod should also be compatible with other mods, but I make no promises! Also, you can modify the prescripted empires and/or create your own as the components are available in this mod, so feel free if you do not like the empire I created.

This mod is NOT achievement compatible!!! Due to using graphics and name lists, it changes the game’s checksum, making achievements unobtainable in Ironman. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to fix this, so be aware that this mod will disable achievements for your game.

I will update this mod with more stuff as I go along and fix issues as they come up. If you like the mod, please remember to rate the mod and add it to your favorites! Enjoy!


I own none of the properties to Nier:Automata and all credit goes to its creators. Also, this mod is composed of various pieces of mods found on the Workshop that you can find here if you’d rather use those instead of this one (credit goes to those authors as well):

Nier:Automata YoRHa Flag Emblem:

NieR:Automata – YoRHa Namelist (Nier Automata):

NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack:

Nier:Gestalt OST:

Nier:Automata YoRHa (Synthetic Dawn):


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn

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