Extreme Traits and uninhabitable worlds colonization (WIP)

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Author: TIX

Last revision: 18 Jun, 2018 at 09:32 UTC

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Extreme Traits and uninhabitable planets colonization

Still a Work in Progress Mod, unique icon will be added

ExtremeTraits is focused on implementing powerful bonus and malus torough new traits and uninhabitable planets colonization with the advanced trait "extremophile" availiable only by completing the genetic ascension path, (the mod also allow robots to colonize barren worlds and barren cold worlds):


– Transcendental
cost: 5 points
leader experience gain: +50%
leader level cap: +1

– Storage sperm pocket
cost: 4 points
pop growth: +40%

– Powerful Genomes
cost: 7 points
leader lifespan: +160 years


-Vestigial brain sections:
cost: -3 points
all science field production: -15%

-Dopamine injector atrophy
cost: -2 points
happines: -10%
other species happines: -5%

-Natural anarchist
cost: -4 points
gover ethic attraction: -40%
unrest: +40%
other species happines: -5%
Unity production: -5%

– Very Fleeting
cost: -3 points
leader lifespan: -30

Advanced traits for genetic path ascension

– Hydraulic press tendons
cost: 6 points
mineral production: +20%
army damage: +80%

– Extremophiles
cost: 14 points
barren world habitability: +60%
barren cold habitability: +50%
tomb world habitability: +80%
asteroid habitability: +30%
toxic habitability: +40%

Every barren, barren cold, asteroid and toxic world are now colonizable at 0% habitability
There will be added certain leader trait, habitability preference and civics
I will also program a sequence of mod linked with this one to balance

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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