Darling in the franxx

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Author: GreenMo

Last revision: 11 Sep, 2018 at 09:36 UTC

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Forgive my poor English if you wouldn’t mind 🙂


Inspired by anime Darling in the franxx. This mod adds an event chain relating to Darling in the franxx, containing series of buildings, technologies and also attacking by enemies. At the end of event chain, it will separate into two different technology chains, which side is by your choice.


Selecting the civic called Darling in the franxx if you want to active this mod. You can build magma building on a special resource minable magma. These building provide lots of resources but do significant damage to planet environment. Magma building will also cause the attacking from klaxosaurs. You are allowed to build a new type of army franxx to defend.

The event chain will start in the middle of game, it can provide technologies and lead to an invading from unknown enemy. Find it and have fun! 🙂

Also add two new species: APE and Stamen&Pistil, it is not necessary to start with.


6 buildings 3 for klaxosaurs technology and 3 for magma technology
6 building upgrades
24 technologies 5 for general, 11 only for klaxosaurs technology and 8 only for magma technology.


If you find any bug or get any idea, please tell me:)

Enjoy and have fun!