War Diplomacy Rebalance

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Author: Absorbing Woodpecker

Last revision: 8 Aug, 2019 at 01:17 UTC (1)

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Re-uploaded with the original mod maker’s permission.

For Stellaris 2.3.*

Mod Version: 2.1

This is a mod designed to balance out the diplomatic effects of war. Primarily this effects war exhaustion, which is a terribly thought out mechanic.

Original Changes (with strike-through indicating change):
– AI cannot enforce status quo at high war exhaustion
War exhaustion should never passively increase. War exhaustion now increases at 10% the vanilla rate.
Rebellions can occur at a slightly higher distance
– Planet protection against bombardment was changed, armies are protected above 85% (from 75%), FTL inhibitors are protected above 75% 65% (from 50%)
Truces last less time, 5 years (from 10) Removed because I like the 10 year truces.
– Rivalries can be retracted after 5 years (from 10)
– Max border friction was reduced to 40 45 (from 100)
– Friction per border system was reduced to 2 3 (from 4)
– Defenders can set their war-goals up to 2 years after start of war (from 1 year)
The cost for declining peace was reduced to 20 (from 100)
Occupation score for things was increased, starbases increased to 10 (from 5), planets increased to 15 (from 10) Base occupation is 10 (from 5), base planet occupation and starbase (upgraded starbases from outposts) are 15 (from 10), and per occupied pop is now 0.15 (from 0.1)

New Changes:
– War exhaustion from armies killed is 3x more (up to 0.75 from 0.25) reverted to vanilla
– Passive war score gain re-implemented, 10% of base vanilla gain




Sumrex https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077994212/

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