Market Realism

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Author: PresidentWhitmore

Last revision: 4 Jun, 2019 at 19:58 UTC

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This mod changes the market so that only the resources that have been sold are available to be purchased. Also, the price changes are availability dependent. Buying when there are only 50 Minerals in the market will increase the price for minerals more than if there were 5000 (the opposite happens when selling -> price decreases). Adding these features required an entirely redone/new market system so expect weirdness until all the kinks are ironed out.

The market starts with some resources available to be bought. Until the galactic market is established and available, resources from external empires will not be available.

  • Dynamic Supply/Demand Price Fluctuation
    If selling a large quantity of goods, selling is done in batches (simulating trade speed and availability) and the prices will fluctuate according to how many batches have been sold. Currently the max batch amount is 25 so if 5000 minerals are sold, the price will go up internally for every batch of 25 and the final price will be the addition of all the batches (5000/25). This way large quantity selling does not allow you to exploit the market in any way.

    There are a few internal multipliers for buy/sell/availability. These are the numbers that may need to be messed with a bit. Let me know if you think the prices seem to be too volatile or just that selling/buying completely overpowers the latter.

  • Prices also degrade/decrease over time, faster when supply is high
  • Prices will now shift to the base price over time if they got low (slowly)
  • Market Events (Private Sector)
    Added Internal Market Private Sector "random" Buy/Sell Injections to the Market which give some modifiers)
Next Steps

-Balancing the price fluctuation numbers.
-Dynamic batch amount through economy (power in relation to other empires)
-Pirates stealing from the market network
-Fixing and Tweaking varius things. New mod so still can do with more testing
-Streamlined Interface (Looking for UI Design People)

I made this mod because I like realism in games and also don’t like the fact that even though the current market is somewhat fixed it’s still possible to live off the market because it has infinite resources. This mod (I hope) forces you to have more of a balanced economy.


the vanilla file on_action_events had to be modified or it would complain in the log files.
overwrites the country_types vanilla file
Not Compatible with old saves, sorry
otherwise nothing else was hurt

Support / Contributions

Discord Modding Den @ President Whitmore[]
I’ll still keep making and updating mods but any donation helps:
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Stability Variables Used

The higher these, the more higher the market stability for the most part with the corresponding action
Found in marketrealism_on_action_events.txt
market_batch_size value = -25 ### Default Batch Size
market_batch_sell_cost_mult value = 0.003
market_batch_buy_cost_mult value = 0.005
market_batch_add_cost_mult value = 0.003
cost_buy_mod_max value = 0.015
cost_mod_max value = 0.01
market_time_cost_mult value = 0.006
stored_resource_inflection_pnt value = 4000 ### This is the resource availability at which prices increase/decrease faster with buy/sells
stored_resource_mod value = 0.001 ### Availability Multiplier