AlphaMod: Strange Worlds

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Author: marky612
Last revision: 26 Mar at 18:48 2017 UTC


Future versions of this mod have been depriciated to be stand-alone, a new version of the mod for 1.5+ can be found here

Will be retired after 1.7

Made in conjunction with AlphaAsh and the legendary Stellaris: Alphamod, this ambitious undertaking seeks to add new unique resources to the universe.

This mod seeks to add new and truly unique resources to the universe through the addition of resources, and buildings which can only ever be found on one planet in most cases. Ethos will effect on what you can do with the discoveries but will never restrict you from finding and exploiting them all.

Currently there are 5 unique planets in the mod, with many more planned. The bonuses will range from local to empire scale, and in some cases I seek to give the owner some unique abilities not available elsewhere.

Koeleothan Fish (Ocean Planet)
Woorskyr Tree (Gaia Planet)
Quantum Pearls (Desert Planet)
Xenograss – Biocement (Tundra Planet)
Zrogate Beetle (Tropical Planet)

Ethos Upgrades
Zrogate Beetle (Spiritualists)

If you have any input I welcome it, after Utopia I will release a stand-alone version.

Not save game compatible.
Requires AlphaMod to run.
This is my first mod, so I’m still learning.