Stellaris Tiberium Wars

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Author: Zparadis

Last revision: 26 Jul, 2019 at 23:27 UTC (7)

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UPDATE July 26( Fixed tib asteroid deposit being able to spawn on game start.

Made the asteroid event 5 times less likely to happen, with double chance on a colonized world. It can still happen to uncolonized worlds.

Added a bit of RNG to pops dying on asteroid impact. (It won’t always hit the colony.)

Added sonic tech to the research event.

Added basic AI logic for building the refinery buildings.

Welcome back, Commander. Today’s threat level is: Low. The newly discovered material known as “Tiberium” is spreading unchecked across our planets. The planets that have suffered the worst contamination can no longer support human life. Other planets are dangerously contaminated and in a state of societal collapse from the decades of war and civil unrest. Mysterious organizations operate virtually unchallenged on these planets. They take advantage of the chaos to recruit members and disguise their military infrastructure. Some of the groups even appear determined to accelerate the spread of Tiberium, believing it is the catalyst for the next stage of human evolution.

You have been assigned command of Tiberium policy. Good luck commander.

  • Adds in a new resource called Tiberium based on Command and Conquer.
  • Adds in Tiberium infested planet classes with unique deposits. Dynamic infestation rate based on a variety of factors, including districts built (in some cases), jobs worked, and existing deposits.
  • Adds Tiberium based weaponry
  • Adds technology and buildings relating to Tiberium; Refineries, Liquid Tiberium Reactors
  • Policies allowing you to control: the rate at which Tiberium is harvested, the amount you care about safety in regards to tiberium.
  • Decisions for infecting other planets, and cleaning up your owned ones.
  • Scrin, GDI, and Nod cityscapes.

Note, this mod is still under development. I am releasing it now as a sort of early access thing, so that the masses can try to break it.

Universal Resource Patch is a required mod to be able to see your tiberium stores. The Main Menu addon to this has been added as a required item, for visual purposes. Using it is not required, but is recommended.

Planned Feature Documentation []


Art- Basically all done by Twink
Some assets were orignially Stellar Resources


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