Ancient Human Civilizations Portraits

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Author: boris.van.sosin
Last revision: 21 Oct at 14:51 2017 UTC


(Formerly: "Roman Portraits, now with Greeks!")
This is a non-replacing portarit pack that allows you to have *rough approximations* of anceint human civilizations in your galaxy.
Now includes Romans and Greeks, and more are on the way. Probably.

Don’t like the helmets? Try the No helmets submod!

Some third-party stuff:
Check out this music pack from movies and TV series about ancient Rome:

Old description text:
This is a non-replacing portarit pack that allows you to have human in Roman-like clothes in your galaxy.
The sources of the clothes are:
Ruler: Marcus Licinius Crassus’s shirt from Spartacus
Admiral: lorica segmentata with a trident pin
General: lorica segmentata with an eagle pin
Governor: Gaius Julius Caesar’s toga from Rome
Scientist: the same as the governor, but with a blue stripe

I couldn’t find any good images of Roman women’s clothing, so for the female portraits I used the same clothes (slightly resized).
I apologize for my poor graphical skills. However, I don’t know of any other Roman portrait pack, so you will have to make do.
Credit to Ulmont: I reverse engineered your Imperial German portraits mod to learn how to make this.

Have fun conquering the galaxy in the name of the senate and the Roman people!