2.3 Unlimited Megastructure Projects

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Author: 苏白@夢璃花

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Megastructures were, well, they were awful at the initial release of Utopia, they were just some fancy toys that looks good, and still kind mediocre after several buffs. Every one of them should be a mega project passed on generations to generations, and finally forged together by decades of effort from the greatest minds in your civilization. However, the engineers will immediately lose the blueprints. Forever, upon the completion day. Also all the scientists who worked on it will come down with an oddly specific case of selective amnesia.

Even from game play point of view, they aren’t good enough. They are just too late and time consuming, basically you already conquered half of the galaxy or been a technology ascendant when you have enough resource to build them, and not mention that you have to research corresponding tech to unlock them plus one ascension perk if you want ring world, dyson sphere and matter decompressor. All these disappointments made me change several variables in megastructures file according to my personal taste, then, voila.

It has following features:

  • It alters the limit of all megastructures to infinite.
  • It alters the build capacity for all megastructures to infinite.
  • It removes placement restrictions of all megastructures except ring world and matter decompressor.
  • It increases megastructure build speed to 100% for Ambitions: Architectural Renaissance and Ascension: Master Builders.


As someone who is totally new to the mod community, I desperately need any advice or feedback, especially compability issues, so don’t be shy and leave a comment here. It will also help me to know if my mod is properly tuned or not.


Automated Exploration Protocols
Unique Galaxy Initializers

Required DLC:

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Stellaris: Utopia

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