!Unofficial Machine Intelligence DLC

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Author: XVCV

Last revision: 25 Jun at 07:27 UTC (4)

File size: 246.66 MB

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This mod adds followings related to machine empires depend on situation:
Custom Start Screen
13 New Empire Emblems
14 New Loading Screens
3 Army Types
9 Ascension Perks
1 Bombardment Stance
3 Buildings
7 Decisions
8 Districts
2 Government Types
3 Planet Classes and textures for them
2 Policies
8 Pop Jobs
5 Special Projects
1 Starbase building and Module
5 New Technologies
5 New War Goals
14 New Traits
11 New Civics
1 Custom Advisor Voice (still in beta test)

Patch Note Here!

Compatibility Patch for mods

(-NSC2 Season 3 – Episode 3 – Mod Version 3.3.x-)

Ask me if you need.

Built-in district compatibility patch is included, for Universal District Patch Mod. But if you want to use this with District Overhaul Mod then what you have to do is just subscribe ‘District Overhaul’ Mod and this. You don’t need ‘Universal District Patch’ mod in that case.

Beta Feature

Terran Adjutant
New Custom Advisor is included now!
Though it is in beta testing, so you might be able to encounter unintended things related to this.

Main Features

Synthetic Ascended
Civic allows you to start the game as non-gestalt synthetic ascended empire.
You must choose non-gestalt authority to select this one.

Trading Machine
Civic allows a machine empire can collect trade value and form commercial pact.
It also unlocks buildings and jobs related to trade value.

Nano Assimilators
Civic allows you to gain one main species pop by purging a xeno pop.
It also grants new war goal.

Machine Heritage
Civic allows you to start the game with machine homeworld.
But your pops will suffer penalty on habitability by 30% in other planets except machine worlds.

Individual Mind
Ascension Perk makes your gestalt machine empire into non-gestalt synthetic ascended empire through special project.

United Mind
Ascension Perk makes your non-gestalt synthetic ascended empire into gestalt machine empire through special project.

Hybrid Robot Project
Ascension Perk grants new special project that gives you a ‘Organic-Machine Hybrid’ species.
The species can grow naturally without assemble drone, and can have some of both biological and mechanical traits. It also can use most of species portrait.

Mixed Evolution
Ascension Perk for driven assimilator.
It gives you 2 machine trait points, 4 organic trait points, and lower species modification cost by 33%.
It also adds research option for ‘genetic resequencing’ technology for advanced organic traits.

War Protocol: XT-489
Ascension Perk for determined exterminator.
It lowers war exhaustion by 10%, increases ship damage by 10%, and naval capacity by 10%.
It also grants you a special project depend on situations.
One gives you a total war policy, and other one is… If there is a machine fallen empire then turn them into determined exterminator and also let them to make alliance with you.

Underground Paradise
Ascension Perk for rogue servitor.
It allows a decision that makes underground sanctuary building in a planet which can be expanded once more.
It also increases output of bio-trophy jobs.

War Protocol: Total War
Ascension Perk for non-determined exterminator.
It unlocks new war goals rely on civics.

Planetary Systems
Ascension Perk allows following three powerful planets:

New Planets

Can be acquired by ‘Planetary Systems’ ascension perk.
Most of them run without pops but heat management is required.

Smart Factory
Specialized in alloys and strategic resources production.

Processing Unit
Specialized in research.

Data Center
Specialized in unity creation, empire-wide deviancy control, empire-wide menial drone output increasing.
Some of this requires pops to work.

And more I didn’t explained here!

Revert to vanila start screen

Changed Planet Texture
Machine World

Overwirted Vanila Files
Stellariscommoneconomic_categories0_common_categories.txt (line 336 to 343)
Stellarisgfxmodelsplanets_planetary_entities.asset (line 158 to 195)
Stellariscommoncountry_types0_country_types.txt (line 383 to 385, line 420 to 435)
Stellariscommonpolicies0_policies.txt (line 899 to 940)
Stellariscommondiplomatic_actions0_actions.txt (line 373 to 409)
Stellariscommongame_rules0_rules.txt (line 616 to 626)
Stellariscommonpop_categories1_gestalt_drones.txt (all)

Special Thanks
Complex, maker of ‘Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens’ Mod, for concept of this mod.
Wicloz, maker of ‘!!!!Universal Districts Patch’ Mod.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
Required items:

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!!!!Universal Districts PatchSteam Workshop

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