Masters of the Planet – Main

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Author: Life-seeded

Last revision: 29 Jul at 07:28 UTC (9)

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Stellaris 2.3.X Compatible

This mod adds followings depend on situation:
1 Relics
2 Ascension Perks
6 Planet Classes
2 Buildings
23 Districts
3 Technologies
7 Modifiers
25 Pop Jobs
1 Special Projects
7 Decisions

Main Features

1. Mining World – 4 Special Districts(Gestalt can make and use it)

2. Generator World – 4 Special Districts(Gestalt can make and use it) And ‘Building Maintenance District’ is changed into this[] because of balance.(job’s upkeep is 0.4 strategy resources, not 1 strategy resources.)

3. Megafarm World – 3 Special Districts and 2 More Special Districts which are changed by Slavery Policy(Gestalt can make and use it)

4. Menagerie World – 1 City District and 2 Special Districts. And 1 More Special District which add jobs that only xeno can work in.(Gestalt can’t use it normally. They

5. Commercial World – 1 Arcology District and 3 Special Districts

6. Fortress World – 1 City District and 3 Special District. And 2 Special Buildings. These buildings are very powerful in defense, but there are some penalties. If you build anti-bombardment shield, planet’s modeling will change little.[]

Every time you first created a new planet(except ecumenopolis), you can get special country modifier(Does Not Stack). If you get all the special planets(include ecumenopolis), you can get special relic which has powerful effects.

Planet Shaper

This ascension perk issues special projects, which reinforce your planet’s rural districts. If you finish special projects, your planet will get 1 more housing and 1 more special jobs.

And there are many things that are not mentioned here.


AscRing Master of the Planet Addon made by Cephalon Sithalo


2.3.X Compatible, Save Game Compatible

Overwrited Vanila Files
Stellariscommondistricts0_urban_districts.txt (all)
Stellariscommondistricts2_rural_districts.txt (all)
Stellariscommondecisions2_special_decisions (about arcology projects)
Stellariscommongame_rules (about can_orbital_bombard)
Stellariscommonscripted_triggers1_scripted_triggers_planet_killers.txt (all) but compatible with Planetery Diversity)

It is compatible with !!District Overhaul mod. But now, Planet Shaper Ascension Perk will not work with that. Others are working well.[]

– Compatibility Patch List –

Planetary Diversity
Local Production


* English – need some helps in grammer. If you are interested in, please download my mod and go to workshop folder and find my mod. My mod’s folder name is ‘planetmastery’. And go to localisation file of mine, and check some grammer mistakes and send to me.
* Korean[한국어]link for translation mod
* Japanese[日本語]link for translation mod
If you have translated my mod, tell me. If you do that, I’ll add yours in here.

Special Thanks
XVCV, maker of ‘!Unofficial Machine Intelligence DLC‘ Mod, for some planet models of this mod.
의사양반, for checking some korean localisation.
ZJK, for checking english localisation.
AL_Andersen, for japanese translation

And, if anyone wants to correct some localisation, please tell me. There might be some grammatical errors.