!!District Overhaul

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Author: RevansSchatten

Last revision: 7 Oct at 08:02 UTC (9)

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Have you ever thought that nearly every planet is the same (except some special ones), well this mod will change your gameplay of Stellaris forever.
Why should you be able to farm on a desert planet the same way you do on an tropical?
Each planet now has a total of 6 districts. These new districts are a unique combination of districts, some vanilla districts, some new districts, some uncapped, some with deposits.
Only your home planet starts as an "Vanilla Stellaris" planet (there is an decision to diable this). But with new ascension perks you will be able to evolve and ascend your home planet. This will make your home planet the center of your empire.

You want even more diversity? Well this mod is build around mods such as Planetary Diversity and Real Space – New Frontiers

Want to know what this mod adds?
  • A total of 42 new Districts
  • 32 new jobs
  • 43 new technologys to improve your districts
  • 6 new decisions
  • 6 new Ascension Perks
  • 27 new deposits

For this mod to work, you need one of these UI mods (or any UI mod that allows 6 or more districts):

This mod is designed to be compatible and add content to a lot of mods.
Here is a list of all of the added compatibilitys:

Here is a list of compatible mods, that haven’t yet gotten additional districts:

Here is a list of mods that are not yet compatible, but will recive compatibility soon:

If there is any other mod, where you would like compatibility, please drop a comment and I will add it to the list.

Please not that the !!!Universal Districts Patch will break the game and is not needed.
Also DistrictDiversity is no longer needed, this is a replacement of that mod and any of it’s compatibility patches.

I hope that you will enjoy this mod.