Stellar Council: Federation Elections and Laws (2.3*)

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Author: PresidentWhitmore

Last revision: 4 Jun, 2019 at 19:59 UTC (3)

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The original Stellar Council mod by lyndonguitar ( here ) hasn’t been updated for awhile so I took the liberty of doing so for version 2.2.*. Credit still goes to the original author Narcoleptic Insomniac with some of my own flair for balance. Some of the modifiers in the old version did not exist so were either removed or replaced by newer versions if possible. The budget now simply affects how much of your fleet cap goes towards the fed cap, nothing more to simplfy things a bit. Federal propositions have been moved to a widget at the top of the edicts toolbar so that canceling does not cause the edict to go into a cooldown.


A Federation Law Proposal will be available in the policies menu in-game to activate every 10 years.
Each member empire can draft a proposal every 10 years via the policy menu. you can use influence to ‘bribe’ members so you can get more chances of passing a vote

Federation Government System

Here you can change certain aspects of the federation system.
Federation Legislative Process: you can change how will the federation pass laws. (majority vote? full vote? leader only gets to decide?)
Federation Leadership System: how the leader is selected(elections, military might, permanent, or each federation planet gets its own vote)
Federation Authoritative Power: here you can give power to the federation authoritative body to pass certain laws, with two levels, basic or full regulation laws.

^First you need to pass the Basic Regulation Law by giving the federation authoritative power before you can pass/unlock the Full Regulation Law.

Basic Regulation Laws

Militarization: improve your military at the cost of minerals and energy
Research: improve research at the cost of energy
Health: improve healthcare at the cost of energy

Full Regulation Laws

– unlocked after passing the basic regulation law
Open Economy: open trade for your members, improve income and trade at the cost of having ethics divergence
Citizen Rights: Ensure rights for the citizens of the federation to make them happier(ban purging and/or slavery)
Machine Tolerance: ban or allow robots or be indifferent. bonuses materialist/spiritualist ethos.

Federation Elections

If Federation Leadership Law is set to Election(default), every 10 years, or when the federation leader leaves an election event occurs in which each member votes for the president. Currently each empire gets one vote. Ties are randomly resolved. AI has the highest chance to vote for themselves but has a chance to vote for other empires. Chance increases if they share at least an ethic, but the opposite is also true.


overwrites vanilla policies file
does work on old saves


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.