[OMNI] Dark UI – OrangeGold

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Author: Omniscient

Last revision: 5 Jun at 07:42 UTC (1)

File size: 88.54 MB

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Compatible with Version 2.3

Welcome fellow Stellaris Players.

This mod is an alternate version of the beautiful Dark UI mod from ButtJunkie.

Mod Features:
  • All textures that have been coloured silver or blue by Dark UI, have been recoloured into gold, yellow and orange.
  • The dark grey and black designs of the textures have been kept, in order to uphold the dark theme of Dark UI
  • A few textures that have not been recoloured by Dark UI have also been recoloured, like the job panel and the nameplates for ships, planets, systems, etc.
  • Compatible with Addons for Dark UI like Alternate Icons, Blue Buttons and Compability Patches

This mod should be, like the original Dark UI mod, compatible with virtually any other mod out there.

The mod is also save-game compatible and achievement compatible.

Likes are appreciated 🙂

Compatibilty patches:
Tiny Outliner v2
Bigger Planet View
Planetary Diversity

ButtJunkie gave me the permission to create my own version of his mod and upload it.
Many thanks to him for creating the wonderful original Dark UI.

Suggestions and criticism for the mod are welcome and if you find any bugs, please inform me via comments.

You can also check out my mod series Hyperlane Spectrum. A few of those hyperlane recolours look very good with Dark UI – OrangeGold!

Mods seen in the screenshots:
Protoss Ship Sets; Road to Hell: Extermination Machine; Plentiful Traditions 2.2.7; Animated Synthetics Portraits Expanded: Reborn; Dark UI – Alternate Icons; Diverse Rooms; Unoffical Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens;New Civics and Traits Mod for 2.2.*; Project Gestalt [2.2.x]; ( Twinks Playable Fallen Empire 2.0 ); Vernetzte Intelligenz


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.