!~ Starnet modpack edition

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Author: salvor

Last revision: 9 Oct at 20:50 UTC (31)

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The only difference between this mod and my main mod Starnet is their compatibility behavior.

The main mod will have low mod-order priority which means that any incompatible behavior will be silent, it will break AIs but never change your player’s experience. All other installed mods will work properly but AI may fall apart.

This mod is the opposite, if there is a conflict it will try to make sure AI works and if necessary remove the content added by other mods.

For example if any mod changes ship sections, this mod will override them back unless there is a compatibility patch fixing the issue.

This mod is intended for players who want to use large modpack and in case of the incompatibility want to notice it. If a feature will negatively impact AI and may cause AI to break it will be overriden. If in this situation you would rather have the content work properly but have AI break, use main mod instead.

Compatibility patches

Compatibility patches should work as intended and override starnet’s behavior. More precisely, any mod with the name starting with "!" will override this mod’s behavior (and that’s how compatibility patches are typically named).

To use this mod in combination with NSC2 (new ship classes) use
Starnet for NSC2 (it’s a compatibility patch). Don’t use NSC without the patch, otherwise you will see L-size weapons on destroyers and other unintended features of vanilla.

To use this mod with any mod which changes districts, you should use Universal Districts Patch, this way you can solve the incompatibility issue with other mod changing districts.

Friendship Patch

If you want to play with starnet friendship patch you will need to use this version of it.