Ministry of Culture Fix

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Author: Leon

Last revision: 8 Jan at 22:36 UTC

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This fixes a bug where the ministry of culture is getting deleted shortly after it has been built.

However, in order to fix this bug, I had to change the ministry of culture to a planet unique. It appears to me that there is no longer a (working) concept of empire unique, but I may be wrong (please leave a comment in that case).

Due to the ministry of culture becoming a planetary unique, I had to make it a bit weaker. In my opinion, it is comparable to the research institute building, which grants 15% research and 1 science director job.

Hence, I changed the ministry of culture so that it works similar to the research institute: It now grants 15% unity on this planet and 1 culture worker job.

In case you encounter any situation where the ministry of culture still gets deleted, please write down a comment.

If you have an existing savegame and you want to use this fix, you might have to check if you have to talk to the artists again and become their patron.

This mod should be compatible with other mods editing 12_event_buildings.txt, because only the ministry of culture is touched and nothing else of that file. Please report any incompatibilities that you encounter.