Revised AI Personalities

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Author: Obstsalat aka Kokosnuss

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This mod offers revised AI personalities. What does that mean for my playthrough?

The AI personality dictates how any AI acts (will it try to conquer or to vassalize? how willing is it to trade? how aggressive will it be? is it a coward or brave? …). The default AI personalities are kind of bland in my opinion and very restrictive as to when they apply. So I tried to rebalance the personalities and make the more available. I explicitly didnt want to make new personality types, since I like my games to be as "vanilla" as it can be, hence I aimed for a vanilla+ feeling instead of an overhaul.

Here is a quick run down of what I changed:
– Removed most of the restrictions on each personality type. This allows for more different personalities to spawn.
– Revised all vanilla personality types. I tried to give each type a somewhat unique playstyle. Below is a run down on how each type acts.
– Disabled the following 3 personalities since i couldnt come up with an interesting idea for them: Migrating Flock, Metalhead, Fanatic Befriender. I might put them back in at a later date.
– Reduced the likeliness of determined exterminators/fanatic purifiers/devouring swarm of being an advanced start. This just straight up can ruin a campaign before it even starts.

Here is a short overview on what each personality does/is now:

Common Personalities:
– Honorbound Warriors: Aggressive Playstyle, will try to take on stronger empires. Spends a lot on military.
– Erudite Explorers: Defensive Playstyle, robot friends. Economic spending.
– Spiritual Seekers: Defensive Playstyle, will try to liberate other empires. Economic spending.
– Hegemonic Imperialists: Aggressive Playstyle, but wont attack stronger empires. Balanced spending.
– Harmonious Hierarchy: Defensive Playstyle as long as you leave it alone.
– Federation Builders: The peace police and robot friends. Has a balanced spending policy.
– Decadent Hierarchy: Isolationists with an economic focus. Will go up against stronger empires if they need to.

Uncommon Personalities (preferred for advanced starts):
– Evangelising Zealots: Aggressive Crusaders for a divine cause.
– Slaving Despots: Wont try to conquer but instead vassalize empire for a steady flow of slaves. Very aggressive but will only go after weaker empires.
– Democratic Crusaders: Aggressive Playstyle, will try to liberate empires and uplift primitives.
– Xenophobic Isolationists: Dont get too close or it will try to vassalize or make a tributary out of you. Preferred for feudal societies.

Mega Corporations:
Peaceful Traders: Wants to trade with you, isnt really a fan of war.
Ruthless Capitalists: They want to make profit. They arent really brave, but if a fortunate situation arrives they might strike.

Honorable mentions:
– Devouring Swarm: Made them less favourable for advanced starts.
– Determind Exterminators: Made them less favourable for advanced starts.
– Fanatic Purifiers: Made them less favourable for advanced starts.
– Hivemind: Small changes, nothing major.
– Machine Empire: Small changes, nothing major.
– Assimilators: Unchanged.
– Servitors: Unchanged.

Disabled personalities:
– Fanatic Befrienders
– Metalhead
– Migrating Flock

With everything that doesnt mess with the AI personalities. This is compatible with glavius for example.

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Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.