Better Music [+25] [OUTDATED]

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Author: _Tryall_

Last revision: 20 May, 2016 at 20:11 UTC

File size: 120.22 MB

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This mod add more than 25 new music for the game. Some music are from EliteDangerous, Faster than light, Interstellar, Space engine and more.

Compatible with my other mod "Stop The Default Game Music" if you want to only keep your moded songs. ( )

[Playlist] :

Akira – The Blithering Heights.
Ali Khan – Orbital.
Ali Khan – Seraphim.
Ashterra – Asleep Civilization.
AstroPilot – Sanctum.
EliteDangerous Supercruise theme 1, 2 and 3.
FTL Engi, Cosmos and Mantis exploration theme.
Helios – Nothing it Can.
Interstellar – Cornfield Chase.
Interstellar – DayOne.
Interstellar – Mountains.
Interstellar – NoTimeForCaution.
Interstellar – S.T.A.Y.
KARREO – Odd Arrival.
Planet Boelex – Moments.
Purl Sinius – Innercity Solitude.
Stellardrone – Breathe In The Light.
Stellardrone – Stardome.
Synkro – Detachment.
TheBlueMask – Royalty Free Music VOL8.
Us As Effigies – Peacepiece

Some musics can be too loud, please report it, I didn’t try all of musics. If you want to add your favorite music, say his name in the comments ! Off course I don’t have legal rights on these musics. The weight of the mod is approximately of 120Mo

And finally sorry for misstranslation, I write better in french :p